George Galloway speaks in Toronto

| October 3, 2010
George Galloway's speaks to throngs of his Canadian supporters at Trinity Saint Paul's in Toronto. Click here for more information about the rally and watch the video below!

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Olivia Chow NDP MP may have asked questions about George Galloway's ban by Minister Kenney, but her party has nevertheless continued to support zionism and Israeli oppression. Unless and until the NDP calls for some of the same changes championed by Galloway and the anti-apartheid, BDS movement, she cannot attempt, as she does here, to capitalize on Galloway's stand and support.

Beyond excellent! :) Now it will be interesting to see if Jason Kenney has any balls ... I suspect not LOL

Galloway is quite right that the alternative to apartheid in Palestine is a single democratic secular state where Jews, Palestinians, Christians, and everyone else can live in harmony and equality.

The so-called two-state solution is apartheid by another name. 

yeah.. i was a bit pissed off to see olivia chow there. after she and jack publicly chastised libby davies for speaking out for justice in palestine. shame on the them both! she supports nato too... not sure how she can show up to these events and keep a straight face?!?!

and it would have been nice to hear some criticism of the liberals too who are just as bad on foreign policy as the conservatives. do we not remember iggy and colter and carolyn bennett trying to ban words and portray talk of palestinian human rights as hate speech?

im all for shaming the con's... they're the most glaring affront to democracy and human rights in canada and abroad, but the lib's and the now shamefully impotent ndp need some heat as well!

Harper Government

Will be forced to cut Jason Kenney loose prior to the return of Galloway, as I do not think that Harper wants to publicly fuel the debate with Galloway. Neither Harper nor Kenney have to verbal skills to debate Galloway.

Mr. Kenney will then have to assume full responsibility for his position in government and personally for defaming Galloway.

Question remains as to when and how Harper will do this.



As for the NDP's lack of full support for such obvious injustices is simply shame on Jack Layton. Either the principles of human rights have merit for the NDP or they do not.

Mr. Layton should be held accountable.

Don't kid yourself: Jason Kenney's not going anywhere. He and Harper feel not one jot of embarrassment or regret over the Galloway affair, and would gladly do it all over again if given the chance.

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