CBC's Kevin O'Leary gets schooled on #Occupy Wall Street movement by Chris Hedges

| October 9, 2011
CBC's Kevin O'Leary gets schooled on #Occupy Wall Street movement by Chris Hedges

In a Sun TV worthy interview, CBC's Kevin O'Leary gets schooled on the #occupy Wall Street movement by Pulitzer winning journalist Chris Hedges. Watch the video on CBC here. For a full transcript of the interview, visit Creekside's blog.




Great clip, O'Leary is such a buffoon...

O'Leary always resorts to childish insults.

Kevin O'leary should be immediatly fired, and never allowed on CBC again. Because the jackass has money he thinks he can say whatever he wants? He is a disgrace to Canada.

actually he is remarkably typical of Canadian media - highly subservient to power, hostile to anyone who challenges it, and not all that smart.


this guy is not a good advocate for his cause which is what provoked O'leary's reaction.. he references incorrect information and then subsequently gets upset that O'leary assumed he was a jackass which he is cause he got upset.. this is largely the problem with the left is that the causes are inarticulate to the point of simply being populist rebellion rather then passing along useful information.. Also he is fundamentally incorrect in the assumption that this was the bank's fault. The source of this problem lies with a policy shift by the United States in the 1970s which was designed force banks to lend to people with bad credit. The aims of this was to create more economic equality in America and improve home ownership. A fundamental precept of the American dream. Though an honest and a good attempt at policy creation to improve the lot of the poor in America this road to hell paved with good intentions forced banks to start mitigating their risk by securitizing risk (selling the risk of the loans to the public stock markets) around these loans. The policies of the 1970s were continued through successive administrations in the United States whether Republican and Democratic administrations including those of Bill Clinton and those of George Bush 2. In fact what makes this man's argument so preposterous is that he sources capitalism (again in a very inarticulate way where he is forced to contradict himself) as the blame where in fact it was government intervention in the economy which was the source of the issue. With that said not all government intervention is bad but often.. considering the quality of our politics and politicians .. it is .. The left can keep its hand out of my pocket


O'leary has only one goal in life and that is to accumulate as much wealth as possible before he dies. He makes no bones about it. Money is his god. I suppose the only goal loftier than extreme wealth for this man would be to some day become a Bildaberger. Good luck with that one Kevin.

Posted to CBC Dragon's Den blog:

How about this pitch:
A CBC journalist conducts respectful interviews with knowledgeable people and offers Canadians.
an insightful analysis of business and social dimensions of the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement?

We have already seen the pilot for "Obnoxious FAUX NEWS wannabe with a direct personal vested interest and involvement in pursuing and fuelling the hyper-greedy "take no prisoners" parasitism which has directly caused the financial crisis OWS is moving to shift, and with a specific agenda to discredit (with moldy old accusations of leftism) the entire OWS movement on behalf of the "we've-got-it-all-and-we're-gonna-take-more" class who so clearly demonstrate their "Let them eat cake., No! Let them eat shit!" attitude, insult and berate someone who outguns them by every measure except $networth$ and collateral-damage-body-count". It sucked


Low budget?  Is this why the O'Leary man doesn't get it?

It's a very telling insult, isn't it.

Why is Kevin O'Leary still with the CBC and not with Sun News yet?

Why is Kein O'Leary still with the CBC and not with Sun News yet?

Kevin O'Leary's behaviour is a violation of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Policy 2.2.21 Code of Conduct, in addition to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Journalistic Standards and Practices.  I have officially started a petition to get him off the airwaves.  If you believe this only gives him more attention so be it- but silence says NOTHING.  If you want change- you must say SOMETHING!  


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