Green economy coalitions for change

| April 20, 2012

In green economy and sustainable development debates, some groups have more power to determine goals, policies and outcomes than others. For sustainable development and poverty reduction to be attainable, broad-based participation is required to shift power relations and empower citizens to hold governments and businesses to account for their decisions and actions.

This is the fourth video in the series ""Bringing the Social to Rio+20".



Yet the big surge in Corporate owned Government fascism starts here in Alberta on Monday with the current election – we will be used as an example to the rest of Canada.

In Alberta, the biggest single Conservative-Industrial backed endeavor has been the Oil Sands extraction at Fort McMurray. If you check out Google Earth and follow the water shed from McMurray (confluence of the Athabasca and Clear Water Rivers) north, it flows into Lake Athabasca directly across from the outflow into the Slave River. The Slave continues north through Wood Buffalo National Park and on to Great Slave Lake. From Great Slave, the water flows into the mighty Mackenzie River and north again to the Arctic Ocean - Mississippi sized river boats use to ply all these waters. What will the Wildrose Conservatives and the PC's do with complete power as leadership and opposition when they both believe in totally freeing enterprise?

Find the Cost of Freedom… Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young    (a beautiful video)


Richard Nixon was a Republican, a Conservative. After apparently rescinding his election promise to end the Vietnam War with the announcement of the intervention in Cambodia on May 1 1970, there was a converse massive escalation. A national Student strike was invoked to protest the announcement and on May 4 nine students were wounded and four killed by gun fire from Ohio State National Guardsmen. Today, here in Alberta, The Wildrose Party are Conservative extremists who along with the Progressive Conservative Party are most likely to win the provincial election in first and second place, forming a Conservative leadership and Conservative opposition. The "big money" is behind them both ...what is known else where as "The Military-Industrial establishment."

Ohio… Crosby, Stills Nash and Young

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