Video: Rachel Parent schools Kevin O'Leary on GMOs

| August 2, 2013
Video: Rachel Parent schools Kevin O'Leary on GMOs

Fourteen-year-old Rachel Parent challenged CBC's Kevin O'Leary to a debate on GMOs.  O'Leary accuses Parent of being a "shill" for environmental organizations. Watch as Parent schools O'Leary on the dangers of GMOs -- and see for yourself who the corporate shill is.

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Excellent interview...I particularly enjoyed how Rachel did not allow O'Leary to put her in an anti-science category, no matter how many times he tried. I also think O'Leary came out as the 'schill'. I think he may have Monsanto (and other GMO companies) stock.

Kevin O'Leary doesn't even know what a "lobbyist" is. And he thinks chronic hunger and malnutrition are caused by the lack of GMO food.

Do Amanda Lang and Kevin O'Leary ever worry about being "used" as a shill for corporate interests? Why do they both ask Rachel if she worries about being "used" by protest groups?

The fact that Kevin O'Leary still gets a spot on CBC blows my mind. The guy's a neoclassical propagandist, not to mention his utter disrespect and patronizing attitude towards interview subjects (just see the Chris Hedges/OWS interview for another example). Also, I can't figure out at all why two "shills" for corporate capitalism would be so ideologically opposed to GMO labelling. Isn't this the great free market that they spend so much time defending at work? Get with it O'Leary and Lang – you just got backed into a corner by a 14-year-old. 

neoclassical? I think you meant neoliberal.

Nope, I meant neoclassical. Talking economic, not political, theory. 

"Since its inception, neoclassical economics has grown to become the primary take on modern-day economics. Although it is now the most widely taught form of economics, this school of thought still has its detractors. Most criticism points out that neoclassical economics makes many unfounded and unrealistic assumptions that do not represent real situations. For example, the assumption that all parties will behave rationally overlooks the fact that human nature is vulnerable to other forces, which cause people to make irrational choices. Therefore, many critics believe that this approach cannot be used to describe actual economies." (Investopedia) 

Thank you Rachel. You made O'Leary look like a schill for the chemical industry!!

He argued so passionately on behalf of GMOs, it makes me wonder if he has a financial interest in GMO producing firms such as MONSANTO, BAYER, SYNGENTA, DOW, etc. etc.

The EU has banned GMOs for two (2) years. Why?

GMOs are poison which cause AUTISM -GLYPHOSATE/ROUNDUP. GMOs kill bees!


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