rabbletv is the official video channel for rabble.ca.

rabbletv offers an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, the community and life in general. It’s a new outlet for independent stories told by artists, activists, individuals and journalists from coast to coast to coast.

Our audience can watch live or pre-programmed material, including: our Indie Inside segment, featuring independent Canadian music videos; the Best of the Web curated feature, where the best online videos are specially selected for rabble’s audience; and our Featured News section, which showcases original content from rabbletv partners, volunteers and videographers.

But, the rabbletv experience goes deeper. rabbletv tells visual stories and covers events that have a direct impact on our diverse communities in Canada and globally, through audience content contribution, commentary and coverage. Our audience can even share the rabbletv experience by embedding the rabbletv player on their own blog or website.

rabbletv is a platform and dynamic space that focuses on the creation of a culture that supports social and economic justice and full democracy for all, in particular voices and artists marginalized in the mainstream media.

rabbletv is also able to broadcast live from almost anywhere. During the broadcast viewers are able to actively participate in the broadcast using a chat application baked right into the rabbletv player. This allows us to see what viewers are thinking and react to their comments. It turns rabbletv live broadcasts into conversations.

Using a just a laptop, a webcam and microphone we can take rabbletv to and broadcast from anywhere that has a broadband internet connection. Collaborators from across Canada, or even the world, can simultaneously work on and appear in the same live broadcast. Pre-recorded segments can be incorporated into live coverage and everything can be archived and broadcast repeatedly.

We are building rabbletv on an innovative platform called Livestream. Livestream is a web-based video production studio: it is the equivalent of a multi-million dollar television studio available to us online. It puts the power and geographic reach of mainstream television in the hands of ordinary citizens, artists and citizen journalists. And we plan on pushing the limits of this idea. Relying on the talent of dedicated people to pitch and produce stories, think outside the box and have the foresight to identify emerging trends, rabbletv will be the secret behind its success.

Want to contribute to rabbletv?

If you would like to contribute video or volunteer for rabbletv, please send us an email at [email protected]

We’re also looking for equipment, so if you have any audio/video gear you could offer rabbletv, please let us know.