More than 1,100 workers died in Rana Plaza. Three years later, the government of Bangladesh has not made sufficient progress to ensure that nothing like this horrific tragedy happens again.  

According to a report by international labour organizations, “Far too much remains to be done by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) and the garment industry, not only to ensure fire and building safety but to simply guarantee basic respect for the law — including both national and international labour standards.”

Some of the findings of the report are:

  • There have been more than 100 cases of anti-union discrimination in factories where new trade unions have been registered and criticizes the government for failing to guarantee freedom of association.
  • The rigor of factory inspections made by the Bangladesh national tripartite committee are suspect, since these inspections declared 80 per cent of the factories within its remit to be safe, whereas inspections by the Bangladesh Accord and the Alliance found critical issues in every single factory.

Read the report here.

UFCW is calling on us to take action and to urge Prime Minister Trudeau to call on the government of Bangladesh to honour the Sustainability Compact to ensure safe working conditions and labour rights for workers in Bangladesh.

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