Now that the holidays are officially over, people are trudging back to school, work and everyday life. What welcomes us back isn’t always something to look forward to: more news of human right violations, workplace exploitation and organizing objectives that can seem overwhelming. Luckily this week’s toolkit is all about offering practical guides, breaking down those mammoth objectives into something positive you can do this week.

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Weekly roundup

Nothing can lift your spirits like a new project. This guide on how to create, publish and distribute your own zine will get you cutting and pasting in no time.

Not to mention zines can be an effective form of publicity for your campaign. Find out how to do other forms of public outreach in this guide.

Yesterday was the Day of Action Against Guantanamo Bay. It’s been open 10 years too many and with the new American National Defense Authorization Act, any citizen could be detained indefinitely. Read how from Bush to Obama, Gitmo has maintained injustice here.

Want to take a direct action against Guantanamo but don’t know where to start? Event planning is made easy with this how-to guide. It links to resources helping you plan everything from a flash mob to a vigil.

Ashley X is synonymous with injustice for disability activists. Find out why in this rabblepedia entry.

So you’ve been arrested. Now what? Each province has slightly different procedures when it comes to you getting justice. This guide to post-arrest legal defence links you to legal guides, activists and support in every province and territory.

Collective bargaining is conventionally done by unions, but you don’t have to have an official union to do union work. This guide goes over what collective bargaining is, how to march on your boss and the effect of the Harper regime.

Promoting your union can be tricky in a workplace with non-unionized workers. These video workshops take you through how to reach out, communicate your message and use social media.

Another way to buck the exploitation of the capitalist system is through squatting. This extensive guide has everything you wanted to know about squatting but were afraid to ask. From legalities to practicality, it’ll answer all those questions lurking in your head.

Racism has a long history and workshops can sometimes be overwhelming if they cover too much. This workshop resource guide on dismantling racism breaks it down into detailed sections to help you facilitate multiple sessions.


Looking for a last-minute event in Ottawa? Tonight at the Dalhousie community centre come participate in Reclaiming Mental Health: Anti-oppression, support and solidarity. The night is a fundraiser for justice for Alba.

In Ottawa there’s also Working it for every angle: A forum on diversity in the sex industry which runs panels and workshops from January 20 to the 22 . Don’t forget to come to the Supreme court next week to support sex workers rights.

How crazy was 2011? On January 14 come support the Toronto-based Mad Student Society in their first peer meeting of the new year.

Want to be the next great facilitator? Check out this workshop on how to be a trainer on January 19 in Toronto.

Feel free to post more events or resources in the comments!

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch is former Activist Toolkit Coordinator at With a long history of causing a rukus, Steff has been active in third wave feminist organizing, solidarity work and peer support....