As another month wraps up and the excitement of a new year wears off, there’s still a lot to look forward to for activists. Some important campaigns for students are starting soon, workshops are getting back on their regular pre-holiday schedules and resolutions are getting off the ground. This week’s roundup on the toolkit will keep you motivated with feminist, anti-oppression, action-based tools.

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Weekly roundup

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution. Celebrate and reflect with this On this day entry all about how activists brought corruption to a head. 

With the First Nations summit this week in Ottawa, indigenous issues have been top of mind. Shawn Atleo, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations called on Harper to axe the Indian Act, a racist relic that continues to oppress indigenous people. Read about the Act in its rabblepedia entry here. 

Valuing lived experiences and the knowledge of peers is integral to peer support. That’s the attitude adopted by this guide on creating a harm reduction network by drug users for drug users.

People use oppressive language every day. Racialized slurs, ablist insults and homophobic quips may be common, but that doesn’t mean activists aren’t fighting against them. This guide on challenging oppressive language is a good place to start. 

This workshop goes over how to interrupt oppressive comments when you hear them. 

Another way to challenge oppression is through feminist actions. This workshop on feminist organizing will get you to ready to act. 

The Canadian Miss G Project is a great resource if you’re hungry for more great feminist workshop guides. Check them out in the workshop section. 

February 1 is a day for students to rise up against tuition fees. Drop Fees has been going on for years, but how bad has tuition gotten? Read all about it here. 

Speaking of the student movement, there’s no better time to check out this guide on how to mobilize students and keep them engaged.

After the Drop Fees march you might find yourself with hundreds of pictures and hours of sound. This awesome free software can help you turn those into a compelling audio slideshow.

Are students rising up against fees in your backyard? Post events and other tools in the comments.

Find a Drop Fees event near you here.

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch is former Activist Toolkit Coordinator at With a long history of causing a rukus, Steff has been active in third wave feminist organizing, solidarity work and peer support....