On Valentine’s Day, hundreds of children protested on Parliament Hill for equal rights for First Nations children waiting for real schools. They sang, read letters they wrote begging Harper to “have a heart” and waved their homemade signs. Youth activists are some of the most technologically savvy and dedicated campaigners. They still need an activist education and guidance, but there’s a lot to be said about their passion and belief in change. This week’s tools will help you mobilize and educate youth activists.

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Weekly roundup

Shannen’s dream for a “safe and comfy” school in Attawapiskat was never realized. Read about her story here.

Explaining the effects of colonialism can be difficult. This activity-based workshop takes participants through what it was like to have communities destroyed.

Aboriginal trans and two-spirited folks have very different experiences while facing common trans issues. This guide to wise practices gives insight into how indigenous culture impacts the way trans issues are understood.

Internet culture is driven by popular memes. SmartMeme is a collective trying to use the power of memes and storytelling for social justice causes. Check out their rabblepedia entry here.

A good meme might even become an online sensation. This guide outlines how activists can make their content go viral.

Activists are constantly finding new ways to communicate more effectively during demonstrations. Check out how Occupy Wall Street put this free app to use.

Valentine’s Day may be over but sex positivity is always in style. This workshop guide to eroticizing safer sex is queer-friendly and educational.

Sharing knowledge and history in activist communities is so important. This extensive workshop guide will help activists get a better understanding of the trauma that can accompany homelessness.

Chloe Cooley was a black woman enslaved in Upper Canada. Learn how her resistance sparked the first anti-slavery legislation in the country.

Starting a co-op is a great way to organize. This guide covers how to get a variety of different co-ops up and running.



Project Reclamation Presents: Light

“Pipe Dreams”: the Keystone XL pipeline (TONIGHT)


Public forum on Haiti solidarity and social justice

Economic inequality: what do we do?

Crisis in the Congo: uncovering the truth


On walls borders and occupations: securitized regimes, anatomies of violence and feminist critique

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Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch is former Activist Toolkit Coordinator at rabble.ca. With a long history of causing a rukus, Steff has been active in third wave feminist organizing, solidarity work and peer support....