For anyone who has felt isolated and/or disenchanted by the heteronormative and zealous methods of high school phys ed, alternatives do exist. 

Co-organizers Coree Tull and Kathryn Best set out to start the league as lovers of the game who were interested in trying to create a safe “sport space” for all genders and allies that is queer and trans  positive. The league is a drug- and alcohol-free non-profit community that focuses on inclusivity and fun, rather than aggression and competition. In fact, the most experience you need have is elementary school gym class!

Coree and Kathryn assert that the league practices community collaboration by the principles of being “respectful, supportive and accessible to as many people as possible.” 

They assure that the game encourages members to volunteer in the process by which the league is organized. Every game will have Ambassadors, who are members from another team to ensure the game is being run efficiently; and the game is built via the honour system without the rigidness of referees. 

In addition, the league ensures that everyone is celebrated, not just the athletically inclined, whereby teams select players from the opposing team to receive a gold star based on anything from attitude to costume to most positive energy.

When asked about community building, Coree and Kathryn mentioned that “the beautiful thing about the league is that it celebrates uniqueness and having fun. The original teams from our first season have helped us to foster a positive league culture that is more than just sport. New teams are welcomed into the league’s sport culture to contribute and assist the growth of the league to reflect the needs of the membership.”

Though not enough community sports (and even fewer mainstream sports) strive to build a queer and trans positive space, the organizing pair maintained that “members of the league instigated and started a league-wide conversation about gender neutral pronouns.” 

The league requests that all involved utilize and respect this language at events, though they recognize the learning curve inherent for those who have not been introduced to this language before. 

If you want to get involved in the league, please visit the group’s web presence at or on

Registration for the 2014/2015 season begins in August for new and returning teams. 

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