coady box v2

The day is soon upon us!

Author Lynn Coady will be joining the Babble Book Club on Sunday March 4 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST for our final discussion of her novel The Antagonist. Lynn Coady will join our conversation for one hour on the previously established babble thread for this session answering all your questions.

Discussion among some of the Babble Book Club members has been ongoing and we have taken the opportunity to submit a few potential questions to Lynn Coady in hopes of creating a more moderated and organized conversation for everyone. However, we do encourage readers taking place in the conversation to offer comments and questions as they see fit with respect to everyone on the forum.

For those wanting to join the discussion, here are some easy steps and tips:

1. To ask questions and submit comments, you must register as a user, which creates an account that allows access to babble! Babble is’s discussion board and online community where users can discuss ideas and opinions and signing up is free and easy! Any questions about babble can be answered or asked on this thread as well.

2. The Babble Book Club sets up babble threads before our the final discussion to promote ongoing conversation — check out our existing thread for The Antagonist. A babble thread just means the ‘page’ where various babble users (babblers) can post their comments and questions. Babblers post in ‘real-time’ and can also quote other users, use emoticons or post links!

3. Lynn Coady will be joining us at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST for a conversation in ‘real-time’, which just means she will be present for one hour to answer and converse about The Antagonist. After that the thread is still active, anyone can post at anytime, but unfortunately Lynn won’t be there!

So get signed up for babble, get familiar and get ready for our discussion on Sunday!