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We all know someone affected by the affordable housing crisis in Canada — whether it be members of our family, our community or ourselves. This month, our Off the Hill panel will dive into how such a large-scale housing crisis can exist in such a wealthy country and discuss what needs to be done now to develop affordable accessible housing for people.

Join us on October 18, 2023 at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET and join the discussion with our panelists.

This month, panelists include: MP Matthew Green, Tanya Burkart (ACORN Canada), Alex Hemingway (CCPA) and rabble’s parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg. Co-hosted by Robin Browne and Libby Davies.

About our guests

Robin Browne is Off the Hill’s co-host. Browne is a communications professional and founder of the 613-819 Black Hub, living in Ottawa. His blog is The “True” North.

Libby Davies is Off the Hill’s co-host and author of Outside In: a Political Memoir. She served as the MP for Vancouver East from 1997-2015, and is former NDP Deputy Leader and House Leader.

Matthew Green was first elected Member of Parliament for Hamilton Centre in 2019 and re-elected in 2021. Previously, he served for the 2014-2018 term as the Ward 3 Councillor, and first person of colour to be elected to Hamilton City Council. Green is NDP Critic for Ethics, Treasury Board, Deputy Critic for Employment and Workforce Development, Deputy Critic for Labour, and Deputy Critic for Public Services and Procurement. He also serves as the Joint Chair for the Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency.

Alex Hemingway is a senior economist and public finance policy analyst at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) BC Office.

Tanya Burkart has led much of ACORN Canada‘s campaign to stop the financialization of housing including speaking to a parliamentary committee, lobbying MPs and being one of ACORN’s national media spokespersons. She lives in a building owned by Boardwalk, a Real Estate Investment Trust and has been leading the campaign at Ardglen Place in Brampton for affordable, healthy and safe homes.

Karl Nerenberg is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker, working in both English and French languages. He is rabble’s senior parliamentary reporter.

About Off the Hill 

Since 2019, Off the Hill has been’s live monthly panel which breaks down important national and international news stories through a progressive lens. 

Co-hosted by Robin Browne and Libby Davies, this webinar series invites a rotating roster of guest activists, politicians, scholars, researchers and more to discuss how to mobilize and bring about progressive change in national politics — on and off Parliament Hill. 

Join us the third Wednesday of every month at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET. The live, digital show is one hour long – 45 minutes of moderated discussion followed by 15 minutes of audience participation.

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