This will be the 2nd cross-Canada Casserole night in solidarity with Quebec Students.

Since so many cities are involved – too many to list — please check this link regularity for updates regarding news from your city.

You can follow the #Maplespread on Twitter and read about Maplespread news on rabble.ca on our special section on the Maple Spring.

Here are some helpful backgrounder articles:

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Here is the Call Out for June 6th:

Amazing and inspiring everyone! It was so much fun the first time we are thinking a second Casseroles Night in Canada is in order!

This time, let’s make it even bigger, with more locations and more people participating. For starters, let’s aim for over 100 locations this time!

We are now collecting info for June 6 so please be patient as we update this page.

The 1st ever Casseroles Night in Canada has been a huge success – congrats to everybody who came out and helped spread the word!

Let’s aim for 100 locations next Wednesday!

In the meantime feel free to plan and share info about other local casseroles. CLANG, CLANG, CLANG!!!


*Media contact: Ethan Cox (514-662-0070)*



Krystalline Kraus

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