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The Next Eco Warrior book launch — Tonight

The deets:

Friday May 06, 2011

7:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Revival, 783 College Street, Toronto Ontario




The Next Eco-Warriors is more than a book, but part of a movement! A new generation of eco-activists is emerging. Join the revolution!

Meet some of the 21st century eco-activists who are devoting themselves to saving our planet…

Profiled in the book The Next Eco-Warriors, you’ll find: Peter Hammarstedt and Benjamin Potts of Sea Shepherd fame and co-stars of television’s Whale Wars; Enei Begaye, a Navajo/Diné activist bringing green jobs to the reservation; Rob Stewart, an award-winning filmmaker of Sharkwater; Jamie Henn, co-founder of; Wen Bo, founder of China’s Greenpeace; Tanya Fields, an urban farmer and poor people’s activist in New York City; and 15 other emerging leaders and their heroic work in the variety of green revolutions.

Emily Hunter, daughter of Greenpeace co-founders Robert and Bobbi Hunter, introduces us to the feisty and diverse global community of young people who are tackling issues of energy use, overfishing, overconsumption, waste management, the disappearance of indigenous cultures and rainforest, and other urgent environmental/social concerns with a sense of passion and possibility.

Together their message is clear: anyone can be an eco-warrior if they use their talents for change. The book will release for Earth Day, with earth-friendly promotions.

REVIEWS:  “Never say that today’s young people are apathetic — as Emily Hunter makes absolutely clear in this great volume, youth are out there in force, trying every creative tactic they can think of to safeguard the planet on which they will live out their lives. The only question is if the rest of us will follow their lead. I know I’m inspired!”  -Bill McKibben,

Krystalline Kraus

krystalline kraus is an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto, Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly...