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Like me you are probably very concerned about the risks posed by climate change — and they are considerable. 

The consequences of unaddressed climate change could make the world a place that is not very habitable for humans, a place where human civilization has collapsed, within this century. Within this century, that is in the lifetime of our children and grandchildren and those who are coming to adulthood right now. That is a frightening vision.

Right now we are at risk of crossing the “tipping point.” This is when it’s no longer humans putting out CO2 that is causing temperature to rise, it’s feedback systems — methane released from arctic seabeds as the ice melts, for example — that will take the heating already in the system and push it much higher.

The average temperature of the planet is already one degree higher than it has been for millions of years.  We have already put enough additional CO2 in the atmosphere to ensure another half a degree of warming. That’s 1.5 C. And the tipping point, it is commonly thought — a red line that we must not go over — is a 2 C rise. 

None of us want this to happen. And it’s time right now to raise our voices.

Fortunately there’s a federal climate consultation happening this summer. You can comment online or attend a town hall hosted by your MP. These are under way right now. Call your MP’s office and ask when they will be holding their consultation.

Or give your input online. Sign up for the Peoples Climate Plan at Make sure your MP knows you want to see action on climate. 

Some points you may want to make:

The science is very important and action is urgent; to stay below a 2 degree rise, and to aim for 1.5 is going to require strong concerted action at every government level

Justice is key — meaningful consultation with Indigenous communities and the right to free, prior and informed consent on pipelines and other resource projects; and a transistion plan for workers in the fossil fuel energy

Renewable energy and conservation is the way forward; Canada can be a leader and our economic future will benefit from transitioning as soon as possible from fossil fuels to renewables.  We need a high and rising price on carbon to send the signal to transition our economy from fossil fuels to renewable. 

There should be no spending on any new fossil fuel infrastructure — because 80 per cent of identified reserves must stay in the ground; if burned our planet will pass a tipping point and overheat to extreme levels that will make the planet unlivable.

If you want to work more on this extremely important concern please get in touch with me!  Lyn —[email protected]

Like this article? rabble is reader-supported journalism. Chip in to keep stories like these coming.