As part of an international day, several hundred people marched through the streets of Toronto on Saturday demanding the closure of all slaughterhouses.

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From the website:

Compassionate citizens in Paris and Toulouse (France), Berne (Switzerland), Sydney (Australia), London (UK), Montreal (Canada), Los Angeles and New York City (USA), and Kassel (Germany) will also march in solidarity. It is expected that many other cities worldwide will join over the coming months.

As a society, we have marched against sexism, racism, and homophobia. Now, we ask you to join us to march against another oppression: speciesism. Our fellow non-human earthlings desperately need us to act against their continuous pain and suffering at the hands of a meat-eating society. Meat consumption causes more suffering and death than any other human activity and is completely unnecessary.

It is estimated that every year 1,000 billion aquatic animals are killed worldwide. That’s 1,902,588 every minute or 31,710 every second. And, even worse, it’s estimated that each year 64 billion land animals are killed worldwide for the appetite of humans. (Or 121,766 every minute and 2,029 every second).

It’s time to state clearly the necessity to abolish non-human slavery, and oppose the practices that exploit, torture, and murder them. Please join us for this critical event and speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. This march is part of a movement needed to permanently shut down all slaughterhouses and will ultimately awaken the greatest transformation that humankind has ever known.

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John Bonnar

John Bonnar is an independent journalist producing print, photo, video and audio stories about social justice issues in and around Toronto.