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So here’s what I’m eating: cucumber, avocado, bean sprouts, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, refried beans, tortillas, tortilla chips, pasta and veggie sauce, and soy milk. With the exception of the soy milk, all of these foods are a regular part of my diet. The chocolate soy ‘beverage’ is actually really good. Must be all the cane sugar and cocoa because the last time I had soy milk it was, let me say, barftastic.

When I go into the fridge, the section that contains our processed deli meat and cheese calls to me. It’s not like I actually need or want to eat that stuff, but the fact that they greet me every time I open the fridge door makes me feel like the foods I shouldn’t eat during rabble’s Vegan Challenge are mocking me. It’s like the Sauron of food. Eeeeat the haaaaam.

This morning I made my lazy, half-asleep version of the breakfast burrito: no ham, no eggs, no cheese, just some chunks of avocado and cucumber wrapped in a tortilla. It was lovely. I wasn’t awake enough to feel virtuous, but it was one of the best breakfast foods I’ve ever made. That’s something coming from someone who happily poaches eggs, toasts English muffins, makes home fries and bacon, all smothered in hollandaise and grease, on weekends.

My lunch was even easier: tortilla chips smeared with refried beans accompanied by sliced cucumber and tomato. Again, no cheese. No low-fat sour cream. Sigh. As much as I want those dairy products, I’ve seen the face of evil, and its name is “simulated”.

Tonight’s dinner consists of penne with portobello mushroom red sauce. I’ll forgo the grated Romano cheese and the butter-slathered baguette, but I think I’ll survive the lack of animal-based products. After all, I live in a part of the world where I actually have a choice over what I eat. Whining about not eating certain foods seems pretty shallow.

Meg Borthwick

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