The International Women’s Rights Project has created a voters guide highlighting women’s issues in 2015 election.

The guide was created to be used as a tool to inform voters about issues regarding women in Canada and to provide focused questions to pose to candidates. Each section includes a summary and ends with a list of questions you can use at debates or in discussions with candidates.

Download the guide here.

The guide covers issues including:

– Early ChildhoodEducation and Care: Access and Cost

– Health Care

– Violence Against Women

– Indigenous Women

– Housing

– Economic Equality

– Political Participipation

– Refugee Women and Temporary Foreign Workers

– Women with Disabilities

– Rights of Trans People

– Making Sure You Can Vote: The Fair Elections Act


Photo Credit: Kevin Konnyu (Creative Commons BY NC SA)


Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...