As night falls on Quebec City, protesters and police are still locked in a standoff at an overpass close to the Hilton Hotel. Early this afternoon, demonstrators had breached the perimeter here, using a chain and winch.

Ever since the fence came down at this location, fifty to a hundred well-prepared activists – wearing gas masks and yellow raincoats – have been battling police. These protesters include men and women, boys and girls: some are as young as fourteen.

Over the course of the afternoon, a growing number of people climbed this overpass to support those below fighting the police. Finally, approximately 500 people were here, pounding on guardrails, creating a deafening sound. This was how they showed their solidarity. The demonstrators hurled rocks at police. Police responded with volley after volley of teargas, water cannons and, as night fell, rubber bullets.

From other reports, this was only one of several such battles going on today. According to a CBC Radio report at 9:08 p.m. EST, about 135 people have been arrested so far.

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Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick is one of Canada’s best-known feminists. She was the founding publisher of , wrote our advice column and was co-host of one of our first podcasts called Reel Women....