A selection of photos documenting the 2011 Women’s Housing March in the Downtown Eastside, opposing gentrification and pushing for social housing. The march was held September 17, 2011.

A women’s drum group lead the march through the Downtown Eastside.

A banner drop saying “Developers Control City Hall” set the tone for the march.

Those rallied were clearly opposed to the Pantages Sequel 138 condo development in the DTES.

A stand against violence against women was an explicit message of those gathered, with a women having been killed the night before in the area a tragic reminder of the reality still confronted for many women.


The entire intersection was taken over and made into a public billboard for all the different voices and concerns of those attending.

A point was made to stop at various high-end establishments in the DTES, and read out reviews that were written by patrons about the unsightliness of the DTES residents. Here, the police are seen protecting one such coffeeshop.

Two DTES residents enjoy some salsa music as part of the rally’s progression through Gastown.

A women’s warrior song played in the middle of Gastown.

Demonstrators stop in front of another area undergoing gentrifrication — termed “GentriFuckAtion” by many.

Marchers pass by a sign reminding them that the backdrop of the DTES is on unceded Coast Salish territory.


Residents of the famous Regent Hotel warch those gathered below.

Messages written on the side of buildings undergoing deconstruction.

One of the demolished sites under contestation.

As the speeches wrapped up, there was a satiric sketch about the way condominiums spread and how leaky and untrustworthy they can be…

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