Welcome back to another instalment of the weekly blog roundup! The blog dashboard was burning up this week — as always — especially as we welcome new bloggers MP Nathan Cullen, Steffanie Pinch from the Activist Toolkit and Fiona Rayher and Tara Mahoney from the Gen Why Media Project. This week we take a gander at Big Charity and their motives, Attawapiskat and the racist rants about it, trans* rights and potential legislation and Vancouver’s Megaphone magazine and support for the streets.

With the holidays around the corner, Big Charity is rolling out their campaigns for donations, but wait… where are those donations going? Aalya Ahmad sifts through corporate agenda in Big Charity: Who gets turned away at United Way? To find out where the donations are going, who has been dropped from the list and what responsible donators can do.

What if you called for help and nobody came? Krystalline Kraus candidly discusses the “housing crisis” in Attawapiskat in Activist Communique: If white people live in Attawapiskat and scrutinizes the government’s response and Canadians’ reactions to the state of emergency issued by the Chief of the Attawapiskat reserve.

Get acquainted with the Gen Why Media Project and their evolution from a two-women operation to a full-blown multi-faceted project that explores how the current generation of young people are transforming the status quo in Start the new era by Fiona Rayher and Tara Mahoney.

The Activist Toolkit is alive and well with their own weekly roundup! So get your activist blood pumping by reading Activist Toolkit weekly roundup by toolkit intern Steffanie Pinch.

Four-term MP Nathan Cullen shares his thoughts on party cooperation, his candidacy for NDP leader and people and politics in Let’s challenge the orthodoxy and change the story.

“It’ll never pass” is not a phrase in Mercedes Allen’s agenda, especially when dealing with transsexual and transgender rights. Can a trans human rights bill pass with a Harper majority? discusses the newly re-introduced legislation that would include gender identity and gender expression as protected classes in the Canada Human Right Act and those in the hate crimes clause of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Alex Samur highlights Megaphone magazine, Vancouver’s magazine that works with homeless and low-income individuals to work towards ending poverty, and their new promotional campaign “I Work Here” in Megaphone street paper launches “I Work Here” video campaign.

Shameless plug: Come join the babble Book Club! We are currently reading Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and there is lots and lots of time left to grab a copy and ignite some discussion in the babble forum!

Image courtesy of Megaphone Magazine.