A photo of Libby Davies, the author reminiscing on rabble's history
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Dear rabble friends, 

I am reaching out to you today with a message of solidarity – for hope and courage – as I reflect on rabble’s history. This small but mighty independent online news site has not only kept pace with the times, but has so often led the way in progressive news coverage.

It’s a pretty remarkable 21-year journey, especially considering that community support has always been at the core of rabble’s success. If you’ve been here for rabble from day one like me, I applaud you! Please keep up your essential support. 

But if you are a rabble reader who has never contributed before, then please think about what is necessary to truly sustain a non-profit organization like this. rabble needs supporters like us to continue to grow, stay relevant, and provide independent stories we can rely on.

Please consider investing in media democracy today by joining rabble at any level! Giving monthly from $3, $8, $15 or more, is the best way to help rabble keep delivering quality, corporate-free journalism, 365 days a year.

Why I invest in rabble’s future

When I was an MP for 18 years I relied on rabble’s insight to stay on top of new developments, social movements, labour news, and political analysis. I always loved reading Karl Nerenberg’s columns (still do!) because his remarkable understanding of the happenings in Ottawa helped me get the big picture. 

These days I have a different role, and it’s been a delight to help rabble as a volunteer – both as a co-host of Off the Hill with Robin Browne, and also doing interviews on rabble radio with fascinating activists like Rita Wong, Medea Benjamin and Liz Marshall.

I love being part of the Off the Hill team because the diversity of guests and topics broadens our understanding of critical issues, and the questions from the audience keep us on our toes (you’ll be happy to know that Off the Hill is returning from a brief summer break soon)! 

I support rabble with a monthly contribution because I know it’s the most effective way to provide financial support. Can you chip in for a monthly contribution to show your support too? It doesn’t have to be a lot – many good people contributing small amounts goes a long way. 

rabble’s history of community solidarity

We are in this together — whether that’s seeking transformative change, striving to overcome adversity, or supporting one another. That’s what rabble is about. 

I thank you for taking the time to read, reflect, and take a step to invest in rabble’s sustainable future. I’d sure like to see another 21 years added to rabble’s history – how about you? 

With solidarity and gratitude, 

Libby Davies

Former MP 1997-2015, Author, public speaker and rabble enthusiast

P.S. As a new monthly supporter, your name will be entered to win a copy of Peggy Nash’s new book, Women Winning Office: An Activist’s Guide to Getting Elected. Thanks to Between the Lines publishing, we’re giving away 10 copies!

Libby Davies

Libby served five terms as a Vancouver City Councillor before being elected as Member of Parliament for Vancouver East in 1997. Re-elected for her fourth term in 2008, Libby is the Deputy Leader of...