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As 2017 draws to a close, we at rabble are humbled and honoured that you’ve continued to seek analysis, insight, and solace in rabble’s coverage of this year’s events. And what a year it was! From hard-hitting news stories from civil society that go undetected in mainstream media outlets to op-eds that challenge the status quo and interviews with unyielding activists, rabble works hard to bring you news for the rest of us.

We’ve assembled some of our favourite, most inspiring and powerful posts from across the site in blogs, columns, books, podcasts and babble and have rounded those up right here for you. Don’t miss Parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg’s review of this year’s events in Canadian politics. On our labour page,’s outgoing labour reporter Meagan Gillmore recaps some of the stories that mattered most in 2017.

As 2017 comes to a close, you can give everyone on your list the gift of media democracy and support news for the rest of us. It’s the last-minute progressive gift you’ve been looking for!

Please enjoy rabble’s best of 2017, and have a happy holiday!


Blogging the resistance: 2017 in rabble blogs

2017 is over. Almost. For those of you who, like us, need a bit of a memory jog as we enter the new year and continue to reflect, reassess, and resist… let’s recap.

Sounds of hope from rabble podcasts in 2017

For your holiday listening, some wise words from people who believe that all is not lost. The struggle continues, and is far from over.

The Activist Toolkit’s fierce giving guide for 2018

According to statistics, at this time of year many of us donate to charitable organizations. This list includes ideas to help build progressive change.

Pushing back against injustice: The year in rabble columns

Through their reflections, analysis and critiques, rabble columnists brought fresh perspective — and yes, hope — to the challenges of a painful year. Read highlights from rabble columns in 2017.

Trudeau’s 2017 ends as it began, cozying up to Trump: The year in Canadian politics

The U.S. president has had an impact on Trudeau’s policies. For example, Canada shelved plans to reform refugee law and thus roll back some of Harper’s draconian measures.

Looking for hope at the end of a troubling year

As 2017 draws to a close, some words of wisdom in difficult times from a trio of seasoned activists — Chris Hedges, Angela Davis and Gerry Caplan.

Fight for workers’ rights continued as laws changed: The year in rabble labour’s outgoing labour reporter recaps some of the stories that mattered most in 2017.

babbling all the way through 2017: Highlights from rabble’s discussion forum

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time for our annual babble roundup. We asked babblers what their favourites threads were for the year and we’ve collected them here.

A year of progressive, purposeful eating in 2018

The New Year is just a few weeks away — a good time for reflection. Our food columnist’s resolution this year is going to be all about how to work towards sustainable eating practices.

Canada’s explosive Christmas gift to the world

Every December, the holiday season is infused with militarism, from the military jet flyovers of sports events and the mini arsenal in your local toy store, to the hijacking of Santa Claus.

Photo: Julie Falk/flickr

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