December is finally here!

It’s time for freezing your hands holding signs, having your rally cancelled because of a snow storm and finally deciding to organize in a warm local cafe around your favourite hot drinks. It might be getting chilly outside but the activist toolkit is heating up with more new content.

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Weekly roundup

Today is World AIDS Day but how much do you know about it? Check out this refresher and start organizing.

What better way to start a month than with a workshop on radical menstruation?

Think warm thoughts, sunshine, blue skies and guerrilla gardening. This guide will get you ready to plant, seed bomb and grow your community in no time.

According to the gay blood ban in Canada, your generosity could go thankless this giving season.

As the holidays kick off, there’s no better time to start fundraising and this guide shows you how.

If consent is sexy then this workshop on radical consent is as sexy as they come.

This month can be a rough one for campaigns: the weather, exams, holidays… what better way to show your support than through learning solidarity?

Our thoughts are with those in Attawapiskat. Harper has a history of lip-service towards aboriginal issues. Check out his apology for residential schools.


If you’re in Toronto, get your festive fix at the Cantores Celestes women’s choir or figure where your goodies come from at the screening of The Chocolate Farmer.

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch

Steffanie Pinch is former Activist Toolkit Coordinator at With a long history of causing a rukus, Steff has been active in third wave feminist organizing, solidarity work and peer support....