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The United States government has long targeted the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCOPA) known commonly as the Iran deal or Iran nuclear deal, and currently Michael Pompeo is pushing for the Iran Deal to be dumped.  Israel currently lobbying the Canadian government to drop its support for the Iran Deal. 

Much of what Netanyau presented is old information or worse yet is not accurate information.  Here are a few tools which compile information from experts debunking Netayahu’s efforts to capitalize on the warhawks in the Trump cabinet:

1) Paste Magazine has compiled posts from experts analyzing the images presented by Netanyahu and their critiques of his analysis

2) The Real News Network‘s Sharmini Peries interviewed former US IAEA Nuclear Weapons Inspector Robert Kelley who calls Netanyahu’s claims baseless, self-serving, and childish in an informative 20 minute interview

Of course there is also the current United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency statement which also debunks Netanyahu’s claims. 

Let’s stand against endless war together. Please let us know about anti-war tools, protests and other actions you are developing.




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