Canadian Union of Public Employees February 24
Pine Lodge Treatment Centre was forced to close after 30 years after a fire last December. Although the facility was able to make plans to relocate, the local Mayor and council have delayed approval.
Liisbeth February 24
A new study shows how feminist business practices can help companies recover from the pandemic -- and thrive in the future.
United Food and Commercial Workers February 18
Given the mutual commitment of both organizations to labour justice, and the many changes in legislation due to COVID-19, UFCW Canada and FoodShare launched the timely, “Know Your Rights" webinar.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association February 18
The government’s decision to postpone March Break does not take into consideration the mental health and wellbeing of those involved.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees February 12
Government has ‘no plan to get Albertans back to work,’ says AUPE.
United Steelworkers February 12
No one should lose their life on the job. It is essential to understand what led to this tragic death.
Canadians for Tax Fairness February 8
Canadians for Tax Fairness
REITs have been exploiting people’s housing needs to reap billions in profits, in addition to receiving preferential tax treatment.
Harrowsmith February 8
Charming towns, delectable foods and gorgeous spas—plan your next staycation (when it's safe, of course).
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada February 5
Manitoba’s anti-choice government has removed reproductive health from the health minister’s portfolio, and transferred it to a minister with no authority over healthcare delivery or funding.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario February 4
The Ford government’s plan to reopen schools in Ontario without adequate layers of protection in place risks future closures and a possible third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Public Service Alliance of Canada February 1
It is a myth that Canada is a model of diversity and inclusion. The reality is that Canadian society has achieved neither equity nor equality for Black Canadians.
Inter Pares February 1
While the specific examples cited in the report are in Burma, the systems of oppression are global, and the report’s recommendations to donors are broadly applicable.
Canadian Health Coalition January 27
Long before the pandemic, health coalitions and others warned that the federal government was underfunding the system and leaving Canadians vulnerable to cuts at the provincial level.
Mining Watch January 27
SkeenaWild and the BC Mining Law Reform network released a new map pointing to 100+ known and potentially contaminated mine waste sites that threaten to pollute waters, fish habitat, and communities.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions January 22
Join the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions in remembering and honouring the lives of all Canada’s health care workers who have died from COVID-19, whose names and information are recorded here.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees January 22
AUPE says incompetence led to Phoenix-style problems.
Liisbeth January 19
Here’s how to buy and support Indigenous makers and artists
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 19
Region of Waterloo paramedics are being denied Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) claims after contracting COVID-19, a move CUPE believes is being enabled by the Ford Government.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation January 15
Wholly inadequate planning is a pattern with this government and, unsurprisingly, this week’s government announcement fails to address the challenges faced by families in the province.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association January 15
Premier Ford’s rhetoric about a province-wide crisis, including skyrocketing cases for children and youth, does not align with his government’s decision to keep some schools open.
United Food and Commercial Workers January 13
The family of Benito Quesada -- UFCW Local 401 Shop Steward and Cargill employee who died on May 7, 2020 of COVID-19 -- has asked the RCMP to investigate his workplace death as a criminal matter.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers January 12
Remembrance, resilience and resistance is about dignity and justice for the Tamil people. Thirty years ago, a devastating civil war killed thousands and forced more than 800,000 Tamil into exile.
Hospital Employees' Union January 7
Health care workers deserve working conditions that are safe for their physical and mental health.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada January 7
A petition for the federal government to revoke the CEWS funding anti-choice groups have received.
Canadians for Tax Fairness January 5
Canadians for Tax Fairness
For the third year in a row, Canadian corporate executives made more than 200 times the average worker’s salary.
United Steelworkers January 5
Thousands of Steelworkers were laid off in 2020 not due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but due to the policies of governments across Canada.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada December 18
Pro-choice activists are deeply troubled by a recent court settlement between two anti-choice groups and the transit commission compelling the LTC to run false advertising on its buses.
Public Service Alliance of Canada December 18
Employees who worked from home at least 50 per cent of the time, over a period of at least four consecutive weeks or more due to the pandemic will be eligible for the deduction.
Liisbeth December 16
How to build a relevant enterprise that dismantles systems and advances the birth of a better world -- versus obstructing it.
Canadian Health Coalition December 16
Millions of Canadians have joined the call for more federal standards. An agreement without strings attached to ensure that money goes to care, and not to profits, would not be acceptable.