United Food and Commercial Workers July 29
Almost 29 per cent of all unemployed workers in May had been out of work for 27 weeks or more.
Mining Watch July 29
In a letter of concern to the Ontario Securities Commission, an international coalition of civil society organizations called attention to misleading information by Belo Sun.
Public Service Alliance of Canada July 27
More than 8,500 unionized staff with the Canada Border Services Agency have given their union an overwhelming strike mandate.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees July 27
Orthopedic surgical initiative will reduce Alberta's public healthcare system to a skeleton says public sector union.
Harrowsmith July 22
Even small spaces can be transformed into diverse, delicious and beautiful abundance with an edible-ecosystem design.
The Starfish Canada July 22
Environmental racism is not only a social justice issue, it is also an issue of human and public health.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario July 21
With the release of a report from Sick Kids and the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, ETFO urges the government to take a cautious approach to the reopening of schools.
Inter Pares July 19
In a new podcast, learn more about the special partnership between Tiniguena and Inter Pares that dates back 30 years.
Liisbeth July 15
Queer-owned businesses face unique challenges, compounded by the pandemic.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions July 15
Canadian nurses unions recommend that public health measures continue until more Canadians are fully vaccinated. 
Hospital Employees' Union July 14
Laid-off Capilano Care Centre workers can apply to work at Vancouver Coastal Health after a deal with the Hospital Employees’ Union.
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 14
Education workers at York University have voted in favour of a strike mandate in response to the institution’s unwillingness to address racism and safety at the bargaining table.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association July 13
The Ford government’s deliberate attempt to shield itself from legitimate criticism and accountability from voters in the lead-up to the election will fail.
United Steelworkers July 7
Industry and labour groups across the economy are ready to contribute to collective efforts on green procurement.
Canadian Health Coalition July 7
The Canadian Health Coalition is renewing its urgent call for the Government of Canada to enact legislated enforceable national standards for long-term care.
Public Service Alliance of Canada July 5
Two recent reports show that the severity of the toxic workplace culture within the Department of National Defence is still being misunderstood and underestimated by top officials in the department.
Canadians for Tax Fairness July 5
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Uber and Lyft are avoiding paying around $135 million per year in Canadian taxes, including around $81 million in EI and CPP payroll taxes, and up to $54 million in corporate taxes.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees July 1
As we look to July 1 and possible Canada Day celebrations, we also need to have an honest look at our history as a country.
United Food and Commercial Workers June 30
Unions around the world are celebrating new international labour rules protecting the right to a workplace free from violence and harassment by launching a new toolkit to help raise awareness.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers June 29
This week marks 10 years since Stephen Harper’s Conservative government forced postal workers back to work, stripping us of our right to free and fair collective bargaining and our right to strike.
Harrowsmith June 29
How the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is involved in plant protection, and why the world is focusing on plant health.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario June 15
As Doug Ford uses the notwithstanding clause to overrule a court decision limiting third-party advertising the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario say teachers won't be silenced.
The Starfish Canada June 15
The Arctic is the fastest-warming region in the world, impacting populations who rely on changing seasons to guide their migration.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions June 11
With a unified and unwavering voice, Manitoba nurses have sent their premier a clear message: they won’t back down.
Liisbeth June 11
Who is Indigenous? Who is not? Who gets to decide? Apparently, the colonial gatekeepers at CBC think they do, rather than Indigenous people themselves.
Inter Pares June 2
For the better part of the last decade, the situation of violence against women in Sudan has been described by everyone from local feminist organizations to UN agencies as an epidemic or pandemic.
Harrowsmith June 2
Instead of taking a last look at your smartphone or computer screen, step outside and rest your retinas on the night sky.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation May 28
Educators once again urge the premier to convene an advisory table of all education stakeholders to address the health and safety needs of schools and the learning challenges faced by students.
Canadian Union of Public Employees May 28
“Approximately 75% of our workplace’s lowest pay-scale earners are women. It’s no coincidence—we need to do more to dismantle the systemic issues that perpetuate gender discrimination at work."
Public Service Alliance of Canada May 21
Last fall, high water levels froze which created flooding with the arrival of the spring thaw. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from Fort Simpson because half of it was partially submerged.