[LIVESTREAM] A 3-part series on the Mi’kmaq FNs anti-fracking blockade in N.B. (Aug 28-30)

Fwd Message: Many of u know about the anti-fracking protests that have been taking place back in New Brunswick for a few months now. 

Many have been arrested by the nasty RCMP there & the blockade camp temporarily-disbanded. It’s a great coalition of Mi’kmaq, Maliceet, Acadians and English-speakers that has formed against fracking. They had a camp set up on land owned by the Elsipogtog Reserve for two months.

The camp has disbanded temporarily but will resume in September. We were contacted by the Mi’kmaq (through Brian Seaman) to do this LS-series & they have made available to us skype-interviews with: Ron Tremblay Suzanne Patles, Mark D’Arcy, Lorraine Idlenomore Clair, John Levi & Brian Seaman. We’ll interview them all & more.

The interviews will be conducted by our very own Davyn (hereditary-chief Siksika FNs; Turtle clan) & his wife, Cathy (Ojibway; Bear clan). Yarrrr!!! Davyn & Cathy host the livestream-worlds longest running weekly LS-show ever – every Thurs nights @11:30pm EST – with this weeks episode #98 starting at a special time – 10pm EST.

We are trying to encourage the Mi’kmaq & all to livestream more from the new blockade itself – more on this during the series. It has been our experience over the last 22+months that police are scared silly of livestreaming being LIVE, cuz it keeps their violence towards protesters at bay.

Being LIVE is the operative word here folks, cuz, when police violence is captured & they destroy the LS-gear, its irrelevant cuz its already out in the airwaves – ie, if the signal is cut for any reason its instantly saved safely on ur LS-server & available to go viral within minutes by the live chat & “home LS-crew.” Fyi, with a 4G signal, there’s usually a 2.5sec lag from the LIVE image to it being received at home by the viewer – u can’t get any faster today then that eh.

Dates for the Mi’kmaq series (guests each night, TBA):

Wed, A.28 @8pm EST (5pm PST; 9pm AST):

Thur, A.29 @10pm EST (7pm PST; 11pm AST):

Fri, A.30 @8pm EST (5pm PST; 9pm AST):

Guests (so far & no more then 2 or 3 per night – all via skype):
Ron TremblaySuzanne PatlesMark D’ArcyLorraine Idlenomore ClairJohn LeviBrian Seaman.

PS – those are the start times & we’ll go for about 2-4hrs, depending on how the guests & live chat are feeling like eh.

LIVE @ www.livestream.com/occupytoronto
[LS-directed by Davyn & Dee Shanger (Icelander)]




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