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With over 2200 blog entries in 2013 from hundreds of bloggers, there’s no better place on to get up-to-the-minute reportage from a diverse range of perspectives from Vancouver Island to Halifax Harbour, Point Pelee to the Yukon. Over the last week of the year, we will be rolling out a variety of “Best of” lists on all the most important issues covered in 2013.

2013 hosted Canada’s indigenous peoples’ summer of discontent and the one-year anniversary of Idle No More. It saw Ottawa declare war on the Mik’maq people in Elsipogtog. It also witnessed one of INM’s biggest days of action by Indigenous people and their allies since its humble beginnings.

Meanwhile, struggles against oppression worldwide continued apace: in Palestine, in Hondouras, and of course, in South Africa where Nelson Mandela’s passing evoked an unprecedented show of international support — a slightly different reaction than the one that followed the the passing of Margaret Thatcher earlier in the year.


Top Five Aboriginal Solidarity blogs

Daniel Wilson — The questionable virtue of patience, January 18

Pamela Palmater — Harper seeks to blame Indigenous women for their own disappearance, August 28

Aaron Paquette — On October 7, Canada’s First Peoples will make themselves heard October 7

Âpihtawikosisân — Everything you need to know about Elsipogtog, November 5

Charlie Angus — ‘Four Horses’ tells dark chapter in Canadian history, December 13


Top Six International Politics blogs

Roger Annis — Death of Margaret Thatcher reopens the debate over her legacy, April 16

Erika Shaker (Behind the Numbers) — Canadians aren’t buying the banksplaining about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, April 16

Gerry Caplan — The world will be poorer without Nelson Mandela, June 17

Eva Bartlett — Suffering, tragedy, joy and hope: Observations from occupied Palestine, part 1, November 5

Syed Hussan — Life and Death: Waljis, Migrant Strike and Political Will November 19

Common Frontiers — Canadian electoral observers question the legitimacy of the Honduran election results, November 25


Image: Ossie Michelin

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart

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