Issues Pages: Anti-Racism

An elementary school teacher in a colourful classroom. Image: woodleywonderworks/Flickr
Minister Faust | This one weird trick prevents ruined lives and unlocks massive productivity for society.
Book Review
A historical image featuring Muslim pioneers in Canada. Image: Minarets on the horizon: Muslim pioneers in Canada book cover
Monia Mazigh | In these tragic times when being a visible Muslim in Canada may kill you, Murray Hogben's book about stories of early Muslim settlers in Canada is relevant and timely.
A Canada Day protest in 2010. Image: David Allan Barker/Flickr.
Krystalline Kraus | How do we turn upset into action?
RabbleTV graphic featuring Off the Hill panelists. All images used with permission.
rabble staff |’s June edition of its national live-politics panel presents a discussion on truth, reconciliation and Land Back, featuring special guest Cindy Blackstock.
Annamie Paul in 2019. Image credit: Annamie Paul/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Annamie Paul and her supporters are right: racism is a factor in her leadership crisis. But it is Paul's inability to view Palestinians as deserving of equal rights that has placed her in this mess.
Kamloops residential school memorial, May 30th 2021. Image credit: GoToVan/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | We have known for decades what it will take to rewrite the future history of Indigenous nations in Canada. When will any government get the courage to take the first step?
Helyeh Doutaghi (left) and Ashley Courchene (right). Image credit: Doutaghi and Courchene/used with permission.
Helyeh Doutaghi, Ashley Courchene | The media cycles in which Islamophobic killings crowd out stories about Indigenous children's remains suggests competition among different groups of victims, despite shared root causes.
RCMP on display at the Calgary Stampede. Image credit: Pikist.
Gary Engler | Our country has glorified white male warrior, racist colonialism and participated in it at home and abroad. Our laws, our institutions, our foreign policy, our culture have all been affected by it.
Two students study at a desk. Image credit: Katerina Holmes/Pexels.
Minister Faust | How many otherwise bored, overlooked, or alienated African-Canadian kids could teachers inspire if they taught a "Wakanda" curriculum connecting the fictional content to its real-world inspiration?
Madiha Syed, used with permission.
Madiha Syed | When will my hijab be the symbol of peace it is meant to be rather than a target for hateful people?
The London, Ontario vigil in memory of the Afzaal family. Image credit: Andrea Horwath/Used with permission.
Rick Salutin | Can you build a national identity around having no one national identity?
Canadian flag at half-mast. Image credit: Ruth Hartnup/Flickr
Monia Mazigh | The core narrative remains untouched: Canada is a polite and compassionate country; we don't do these things at home; we are shocked by these acts of violence.