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Image: Bruske team. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The national convention of the Canadian Labour Congress will elect a new team of officers. An interview with presidential candidate Beatrice Bruske. And more labour news
Image: Omer Orgun. Used by permission
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | CUPE is trying to get a member released from a Turkish jail. Teachers want climate change built into school curricula. And more.
Images: John Clarke and Paul Meinema. Used with Permission
Victoria Fenner, Resh Budhu | In episode two, anti-poverty activist John Clarke and union leader Paul Meinema talk about how capitalism has converged with COVID to make things worse for all except the wealthy.
Prime Minister Trudeau and U.S. President Biden deliver a joint statement. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Duncan Cameron | Will the U.S. movement to full employment provoke an adoption of full employment by the Canadian government? Past experience suggests it is not that simple.
Hand holding two Canadian twenty dollar bills. Image credit: Michelle Spollen/Unsplash
Penney Kome | Universal basic income needs safeguards or the result will be more gig work and much less security for workers.
Image: Unifor. Used by permission
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | WestJet airport agents in Calgary and Vancouver joined Unifor by signing union cards. Plus more labour news.
Person on bicycle with food delivery case. Image credit: Paolo Feser/Unsplash
Karl Nerenberg | For gig workers, the federal government recognizes the need to act, at some time in the future. But when will that happen?
A nursing student's hand reaches out to touch the imprint of hands in a sculpture at a community drop-in centre. Image credit: Cathy Crowe
Cathy Crowe | The problems within nursing preceded the pandemic and call for a radical shake-up of the profession.
Musician with banjo. Image credit: Ryan Mcguire/Pixabay
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | Country music used to be about the experiences of working people. Has it now become a tool for the right wing? Plus more labour news.
Image: United Steelworkers. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | Ken Neumann, the United Steelworkers' national director, is retiring. He talks with RadioLabour about his career and the future of the labour movement.
Farmworkers at work in a field. Image credit: Faith Unlimited/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | The province says work is "underway" to increase vaccine access to marginalized and vulnerable groups.
Water faucets. Image: KatjaJust/Pixabay
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is helping Brazil's right-wing government to privatize a public water system in Rio de Janeiro. Plus labour's plans for the climate crisis.