Screenshot from Jason Kenney twitter

Leave it to one misplaced tweet by a member of the federal cabinent to make the case that the Tories are out to get labour unions. Earlier this week Minister of Labour Jason Kenney tweeted, then quickly deleted, his thoughts on working with his apparently non-unionized staff.

It’s interesting how 140 characters can betray so much about the writer.

For instance, we now know that Kenney at the very least promotes the idea that unionized workers are somehow lazier or less willing to work late than others. I’m sure the many unionized staff of other MPs might take issue with that assertion. Hopefully, Kenney’s staff was being adequately compensated for their late night work session.

The other thing we learn is that someone — either Kenney or one of his staffers — is smart enough to know that bragging about keeping your non-unionized staff late when you’re the Minister of Employment is probably not the smartest idea, even when you’re the federal government.

But that Kenney’s tweet was sent at all is just another part of the mounting evidence list that the Conservatives are outwardly drawing a hard line against unions, more than possibly any government prior.


Kenney later changed his tweet to remove the reference to unions and instead just thank his staff for staying until midnight. Smooth, Jason.

H.G. Watson

H.G. Watson

H.G. Watson is a multimedia journalist currently based in Waterloo, Ontario. After a brief foray into studying law, she decided that she preferred filing stories to editors than factums to the court....