February is one of the worst months to be homeless in Canada. Temperatures plunge and it seems like winter will never end. It’s a harsh reality for thousands of people in Canada.

That’s why community radio stations across Canada have chosen February as the time for their Homeless Marathon. Today, fourteen campus and community radio stations across the country will be devoting their airwaves to the topic of homelessness.

Luke Smith is with the National Campus and Community Radio Association. He talks to rabble podcast exec producer Victoria Fenner about how the idea came to be, what you’ll hear and how to listen. 

If you live in one of the 14 communities across Canada taking part, you can listen onair. To find out, call your local station, or go to the NCRA website and click on the Homelessness Marathon link.

You can also listen online by going to www.localfm.ca – Local FM is the campus community radio station in St. John, New Brunswick which is coordinating the national effort this year.

Image: Luke Smith, National Campus and Community Radio Association

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