“Unions are not just a place for rank and file issues – they are also political.”

This week, labour reporter Gabriela Calugay-Casuga sits down with Ala’ Qadi to discuss how student unions and labour issues intersect with the crisis in Palestine.

Ala’ Qadi is the second vice chair of the Coalition of Racialized Workers at Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU). He is also a steward of Algonquin College faculty union and one of the coordinators of Labour 4 Palestine, Ottawa Chapter.

To learn about and donate to Labour for Palestine’s defense fund, please click here.

Ala’ is the former second vice president of Algonquin College Faculty Union, OPSEU Local 415. He has been active in union movements and social justice advocacy in Ottawa and Ontario for the last seven years and has been involved in organizing with unions and student movements throughout his life – in Palestine, Canada and the United States.

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