Today’s program comes from the recent Hospital Employees Union annual convention called Powered by Solidarity. It was held from November 4 through 9, 2018 in Vancouver.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to health care, but today’s podcast isn’t going to be about that. It is about solidarity though. In this case, it’s about solidarity with and by Indigenous workers.

Rod Mickleburgh is the author of On the Line: A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement. One of the chapters in the book is about the role of Indigenous workers and locals in the history of the province — something that there hasn’t been a lot of information about in history books. He was a guest speaker at the HEU Convention.

B.C. Premier John Horgan also stopped by the HEU convention to talk about another subject — the upcoming B.C. referendum on proportional representation. Voting has been open since October 22 and ends next Friday, November 30. Federally, the issue is off the table for now but provinces have the power to determine their own electoral system. This referendum in BC is a big step toward that goal. He shares a few words about the referendum with the HEU delegates.

Thanks to Tania Ehret for recording these speeches for rabble podcasts.

Listen to rabble radio’s May 3, 2018 interview with Rod Mickleburgh.

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