What a couple of months it’s been in media land. Newspapers folding, television stations getting out of local news… all because of the Internet, they say. We don’t hear much about radio, though.

1. Today we go to Podcamp Toronto and hear about something that hasn’t changed in radio. There still are way too few women on the air. rabble radio contributor Kveshe Be tells us about a study on diversity in radio done by Ryerson University Professor Lori Beckstead. 

2. Yes, you can do a podcast — Podcast DIY. Some great advice from rabble podcast network cofounder Wayne MacPhail from way back on October 17, 2005. Surprisingly, very little has changed. Except that we’re not using mini-disc recorders anymore and the tools are cheaper and easier than ever.  

3. There’s a little corner of rabble that we’re especially proud of. It’s called The Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit. And we’re happy happy happy to announce the return of Constructing Change, the podcast of the Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit. Here’s a replay of the episode that went up just a week ago.

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