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It is the day before the 2017 provincial election in B.C. The polls are showing the Liberals have a minor lead and could very well walk away with another four years in power. To many of us this means four more years of corporate influence buying its way into our government, four more years of cuts to every public service we depend on, four more years of rates increases to ICBC and BC Hydro as our government continues to siphon billions from them and four more years of destruction to our environment (Site C, Mount Polley and Shawinigan Lake).

With that in mind I would like to offer my final plea to all the undecided or non voters to make sure you get out and vote — because your vote does matter and will count in this election. In the 2013 election 45 per cent of people didn’t vote, which means if the non-vote was a party they would have won the majority. I don’t like telling anyone who to vote for and I think the most important thing is that people simply vote but I would like to share what I am voting for in this election which are things that I feel are important to the majority of people in B.C.:

I am voting for a party who is committed to investing in our public education system including replacing the per pupil funding system (implemented by the Liberals in 2002), which is the main cause of so many of the funding shortfalls we see today.

I am voting for a party that is committed to improving our struggling health-care and senior-care systems to something we can all have confidence in and depend on.

I am voting for a party that is committed to creating good paying fulltime jobs in communities across B.C. instead of part-time, low-paying jobs that are only concentrated in the mainland.

I am voting for a party that will implement a poverty reduction plan. We are still the ONLY province that doesn’t have one despite having the second-highest poverty rate.

I am voting for a party that understands how important it is to have good quality, accessible and affordable child care and who will implement the $10 a day child-care plan — a plan researched, developed and recommended by multiple organizations.

I am voting for a party whose Power B.C. plan is not only environmentally sound and progressive but is fully endorsed by environmentalists and First Nations across B.C.

I am voting for a party who will actually take action in our out-of-control housing market and who will not only help home buyers and owners but also those of us who are renters.

I am voting for a party who will end billions in tax breaks and subsidies to corporations and the richest 2 per cent (and redirect that money into making this province better for all citizens.

I am voting for a party that will end corporate and union donations as well as taxpayer-funded partisan ads.

I am voting for a party who recognizes that our current first-past-the-post voting system does not accurately reflect the diversity and views of the majority in this province and who are committed to offering citizens a choice to change to a more democratic proportional representation system and will actively campaign in favour of this change.

I am voting for a party who has spent the last 16 years fighting against funding cuts to services and has worked tirelessly to bring attention to the corruption and shady dealings of our current government.

But above all I am voting for the only party capable of beating the B.C. Liberals and who will put people’s best interests before corporate greed. Because after 16 years it is about time we have a government who truly values the citizens within this province instead of working against their best interests.

So once again: Please get out and vote. Even if you aren’t registered you can bring ID and a piece of mail and register at the polls. This is your chance to have your voice heard and to create a much-needed change in our province. Your vote counts as much as anyone else’s and I know that regardless of what party you vote for, if we — everyone in B.C. — went out and cast their vote we would be guaranteed a more progressive government that is a better reflection of citizens’ best interests.

And If you agree with the ideas and values that I have shared, I suggest casting your vote in the name of hope and change, as I am, and voting for the B.C. NDP for a Better B.C.

Image: Flickr/bcnewdemocrats

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Sarah Miller

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