B.C. Legislature building

Twas the month before the election, and all though B.C.,
Election ads were playin’, for everyone to see,
Number one in job creation was the Liberals claim to fame,
But part time work wont help citizens get in the game,

Number one in the economy the Liberals love to brag,
not mentioning the highest poverty because thats just a drag,
As the spin machine spins on endless repeat,
One in five children wonder when they will next eat,

Food bank line ups are longer than ever before,
As families across B.C. struggle more and more,
We watch as wealthy donors fill Liberal pockets,
While our cost of living and house prices sky-rocket,

Threaten that opposition will  bring higher taxes,
How else could we afford to improve citizens circumstances?
Just ignore that cost of living is increasing dramatically,
With ICBC, MSP and Hydro rates always rising rapidly.

What else do we have the Liberals to thank for,
with 16 years in power theres gotta be more.

Underfunded and crowded schools and hospitals too,
Because good public service is not something B.C. Liberals do,
Hundreds of children dying in ministry care,
And numerous lawsuits up in the air,

Inequality is the biggest here in B.C.,
As are the income gaps as big as can be,
Let’s not forget the health care firing disaster,
with no apology from the Liberal spin master,

Taking millions in donations from mining companies,
Then paying for clean up using tax funded subsidies,
Always quick to sell off our rivers, wildlife and land,
Because with looser regulations consequences be dammed!

Years have passed while hundreds die in the opiate crisis,
Yet the Liberal plan is still to simply be indecisive,
Care for seniors has fallen to the bottom of the list,
When 92 per cent of care homes basic needs are missed,

Triple deleting everything is a common Liberal move,
‘Cause without a paper trail there is nothing to prove,
You see they operate with no moral code,
No respect for the position and duties bestowed.

New York Times branding B.C. as being the “wild west”
Because as far high corporate donations go we are the best,
One hand washes another as the old saying goes,
With corporate tax breaks growing while disability froze.

With the B.C. Liberals its always pay to play,
Then they use all the money to make the votes sway,
They will tell you how great life in B.C. really is,
Hoping you dont realize thats only if your in the biz,

On May 9 we the citizens have but one chance,
To look around B.C. and take a strong stance,
A stance against corruption, lies and unfair games,
Now is the time before our province goes up in flames,

So please dont buy into the old Liberal spin,
Just look around at the poverty and destruction within,
Know that your vote matters a lot just like mine,
The important thing is to use it not sit idle on the sideline,

A better B.C. is just thirty days away,
It could finally be the Liberals judgement day,
So if you’re like me and so tired the reign of red,
Join me May 9 and turn B.C. orange instead.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Karl Stevens

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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller was born and raised on Vancouver Island. While enjoying the island life Sarah developed an early passion for writing, photography and art. In recent years she has become a strong advocate...