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As an ever-passionate indie news buff, I was excited to join the editorial team of rabble last spring, heading into this important stage of preparing for the 2019 election.

rabble takes on its coverage with full force, and has the talons to dig deep into the heart of issues, vital to people across the country.

With only a couple of weeks left until the end of its 2019 summer fundraiser, rabble needs to raise $20K, to reach its fundraising goal of $65K. Can we get you on board?

Delivering quality, country-wide content, and committed to underlining the voices of social justice and underrepresented communities across the country, rabble lifts up stories of resistance, but also of hope.

Olivia Robinson, rabble’s 2019 Jack Layton Journalism for Change fellow, writes in her just-launched series on the future of public libraries:

“Imagine a place where you can sit, read, eat, write, learn or create — all without having to pay $6 for a latte or a flaky pastry, or without feeling guilty for camping out in a coffee shop for an afternoon. Wildly diverging populations continue to seek out an elusive sanctuary, a great equalizer where parents, toddlers, teenagers, seniors or even someone sleeping rough on city streets at night can spend the day.”

Just as libraries provide public space, essential to a thriving and blooming community, rabble provides the online space for the democratic debate of issues affecting progressive Canadians. It is the online hub for reporting and the exchanging of ideas.

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