Today is rabble’s birthday! Hard to believe, but it’s been 11 years since we launched on April 18, 2001.

rabble was created to provide independent, progressive media, critiquing power and injustice while helping to report on social movements whose perspectives are too often ignored. That’s why the website first went live in the midst of an important protest action.

Eleven years ago today, tens of thousands were gathering to protest outside the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. Inside the heavily fenced and fortified conference centre, the prime ministers and presidents of the western hemisphere were discussing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). With the rise of social movements and new left-leaning governments across Latin America, the neo-liberal ‘free trade’ project of the FTAA was defeated.

Last year we ran a special rabble history series to mark our first decade, which included this description of us getting started during the Quebec City protests. rabble outlasted the FTAA and we plan to outlast a lot more corporate trade deals and right-wing governments.

But of course we are going to need your help. Independent media is more important than ever in Canada, especially with what the Harper government has coming down the pipeline(s).

We value your support, and we want your ongoing input. This week, to help us mark 11 years of rabble, we are asking you to share some ideas. Specifically, we want your help to compile a list of 11 things that rabble has outlasted (in addition to the FTAA).

We are also looking for your predictions about what rabble will be reporting on 11 years from now. Share your ideas in one or two paragraphs, beginning with this sentence: “On the morning of April 18, 2023, tens of thousands of people assembled on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to…” Dystopian, utopian, sarcastic and even soberly realistic predictions are all welcome. Please send your suggestions/ideas by Friday to editor[at]rabble[dot]ca

We will share some our favourite contributions on our staff blog, and award some prizes too!

Finally, if you love what rabble does then you can help us keep going for another 11 years. In lieu of birthday gifts, we are accepting any donation you can afford: