Last year, the metallic ring of spoons, spatulas and kitchen utensils banging on pots and pans became the sound and call for democracy in Quebec and Canada. was there. We provided on-the-ground coverage and analysis while the mainstream media played catch-up. When Idle No More was launched, was there from the beginning. Again, the mainstream media was weeks behind. At rabble we devote special attention to covering democracy movements in Canada and beyond, sharing the stories and struggles of people fighting for change.

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You’ve likely heard the disturbing news about Harper’s unprecedented attacks on public media with his budget giving his cabinet new powers over the CBC. Harper is seeking to dictate collective bargaining and salaries within Canada’s public media. What happened to the arm’s-length relationship between the government and the CBC? Harper has rejected it. In other words, corporate media concentration is growing, public media is under attack, and community media remains under-resourced to provide alternatives. This is where you come in with your support. 

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