Photo: Dylan Penner

On Sunday October 30, Canadian Boat to Gaza supporters delivered a special treat for Stephen Harper, as we brought our opposition to the illegal blockade of Gaza home to Canada.

On the day before Halloween in Ottawa and Vancouver we challenged the illegal blockade that has turned Gaza into a “house of horrors.” We did so at the doorstep of the institution that has become one of the most complicit in the world with Israel’s illegal blockade: the office of the Prime Minister of Canada (Also known as Israel’s second embassy in Ottawa).

photo: Dylan Penner

This summer, Israel outsourced its illegal blockade of Gaza to Greece. Using economic blackmail and relying on the complicity of Western governments, including our own, the Canadian Boat to Gaza — the Tahrir — along with many other Freedom Flotilla vessels, was prevented from reaching Gaza.

This outrageous grounding of the Freedom Flotilla, took place while the Harper Conservative government had already been eagerly importing and supporting Israel’s systemic policies of injustice for years. In effect, the illegal blockade of Gaza extends to Canada as well.

photo: Dylan Penner

Unmasking the injustice

Thanks to some intrepid “Kayaktivists,” the Tahrir managed to evade the Greek coast Guard this summer (if only for 20 minutes). In this spirit, we launched a Kayaktivist flotilla in Ottawa and Vancouver to unmask the local accomplices of the illegal blockade. Together, we paddled and portaged to the Prime Minister’s Office to challenge the Harper government’s complicity in blockading Palestinian human rights. The Occupy Ottawa movement joined us to show their solidarity and denounce the occupation of Palestine. People power opposing oppression!

photo: Dylan Penner

On or after October 31, contact your Member of Parliament as well as federal party leaders and Foreign Affairs critics to demand an end to the federal government’s support of Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza.

Please donate to the Canadian Boat to Gaza:

Stay tuned and stay human.

photo: Dylan Penner