Founding folk was launched in 2001 with the help of the following founding folk and organizations:

The Atkinson Foundation
Doris Anderson
Margaret Atwood
Maxine Rosa Baines
Dr. Elaine Bernard
British Columbia Teachers' Federation
Martha and George Butterfield
Canadian Auto Workers
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Duncan Cameron
Kim Cameron
Cecil Ross Foundation, Ontario
Centre for Media Alternatives - Quebec 2001
Centre for Social Justice
Chinese Canadian National Council
Common Front Against the WTO
Cool Women
Council of Canadians
Ann Curry-Stevens
Dr. Margrit Eichler
Ruby & EdwaDoris & Al Jantzi
David Langille
Dr. Neil & Marilyn McLeod
Barry McPeake
Rick Mercer
Rona Moreau
Dr. Henry Morgentaler
Winnie Ng
PAR-L: Policy, Action, Research
Marion Pollack
Public Service Alliance of Canada
David Rapaport
Alvin & Glenna Rebick
Judy Rebick
Terra Rebick
Laurell Ritchie
Kikelola Roach
Wey Robinson
Mark & Tonya Surman
David Suzuki & Tara Cullis
Don Tapscott

Derek Blackadder

and several anonymous donors