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  • Kim Elliott


  • Chelsea Nash

Outgoing Editor

  • Michelle Gregus


  • Meg Borthwick- babble Moderator
  • Breanne Doyle – Producer
  • Frank Preyde – babble Moderator
  • Shirley Marquez – Administration and Membership Coordinator 
  • Karl Nerenberg – Parliamentary Reporter and Senior Editor, Politics
  • Mick Sweetman – Digital Engagement Specialist
  • Jase Tanner – Live video production
  • Stephen Wentzell – National Politics Reporter

Technical and Development Support

  • The Code Company
  • Consensus
  • CanTrust


  • Judy Rebick

President Emeritus

  • Duncan Cameron

Members’ Council Executive (the rabble.ca board)

  • Shannon Devine (Co-President)
  • Archana Rampure (Co-President)
  • Robert Lamoureux (Secretary)
  • Thomas Woodley (Treasurer)
  • Tania Ehret
  • Monia Mazigh
  • Gauri Sreenivasan

Members’ Council

  • Barbara Byers
  • Domenic Bellissimo, OSSTF
  • Ravi Joshi, Council of Canadians
  • Federico Carvajal, ETFO
  • Jim Stanford
  • Kathleen Monk
  • Linda Silas, CFNU
  • Riccardo Fillippone, PSAC
  • Sylvain Beaudry, CUPW
  • Tania Ehret
  • Tria Donaldson
  • Wayne MacPhail


  • Access to Justice – by Martha Rans
  • Bill Blaikie
  • Cathy Crowe
  • Chuka Ejeckam
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Evelyn Lazare
  • Jim Stanford
  • Joyce Arthur
  • Judy Rebick
  • June Chua
  • Linda McQuaig
  • Lois Ross
  • Matthew Behrens
  • Maya Bhullar
  • Minister Faust
  • Monia Mazigh
  • Natasha Darling
  • Ole Henderikson
  • Pro Bono – from the legal firm of Iler Campbell
  • Rachel Snow


  • David Climenhaga
  • Brent Patterson
  • Yves Engler
  • Penney Kome
  • Joyce Nelson
  • Doreen Nicoll
  • John Miller

Off the Hill Production Team

  • Co-hosts: Libby Davies and Robin Browne,
  • Regular panelists: Karl Nerenberg, Leah Gazan, MP, Paul Taylor, Rachel Snow, Chuka Ejeckam, Diana Yoon.
  • Technical producer: Jase Tanner.
  • Producers: Breanne Doyle, Kim Elliott, Chelsea Nash and Mick Sweetman


  • rabble radio, with host Chelsea Nash.
  • Radio Labour Canada, exclusively on rabble.ca
  • Needs No Introduction – rabble podcast series of speakers of note

Best of the Left – Syndications

  • Rick Salutin
  • David Suzuki
  • Pam Palmater
  • Amy Goodman and Dennis Moynihan
  • Naomi Klein