After one week filled with delicious recipes, hot gardening tips and helpful biking notes, our first Eat Local: food and sustainability challenge is over.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge and contributed on babble, our Facebook groups, twitter, instagram and of course at home. We feel the challenge was a great success much in part to both the participants and all those people and organizations who contributed informative content to rabble.

For those who happened to miss some great posts or want to extend the challenge beyond this week, please find below our roundup of all the exciting Eat Local content!


We kicked things off with a great resource guide to local farmers’ markets and exciting food initiatives and five sustainability tips to benefit the environment (and your wallet!) to help participants plan their challenge.

Before you can eat local, you have to know what is local, why some food production is harmful and what are some benefits of sourcing local foods (hint: cool people and discovering new food).

rabble staff and contributors really got into the spirit of the challenge with some amazing staff blogs on delicious recipes, urban food projects and progressive food initiatives, sustainability, great farmers’ markets and local businesses and booze and oh yeah, booze.

DIY and community gardening seem to be the hot new trends in urban food movements with the fringe benefit of, you know, bringing communities together, spicing up dull food and of course producing your own food!

A big part to the challenge was sustainable actions like riding a bike! We had some great content on why riding bikes is awesome, debunking bike riding myths and why bike shares are looking pretty good.

Lastly, if we want to start being more sustainable, we need to look at how we consume food, more specifically we are wasting so much food, international food policy and what all these harmful impacts mean for our environment.