Together we are making things happen. We are shaping debate, raising awareness, promoting alternative voices, learning about essential issues. We are proud that journalists, students, farmers, unionists, environmentalists, parents, seniors – people who want to see progressive change across Canada (and beyond) contribute to rabble to provide news and views that we don’t hear nearly enough of elsewhere.

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What have we been putting in motion? rabble.ca is a pioneer in Internet news, and we continue to help shape the future of media, most recently with our innovation in online video broadcasting. This new endeavor made cross-Canada news – and history – when the Canadian peace movement approached us to live broadcast British MP George Galloway’s talk to venues across the country, after the Conservative government refused his entry to Canada earlier this year.

Using this new technology we are proud to have live broadcast events including the Parliament Hill launch of “You, Me and the SPP”, the St. John AGM of the Council of Canadians, and most recently, we live broadcasted the opening of the first Canadian Labour Film Festival.

Our well-respected podcast network was the first to get word out about US journalist Amy Goodman’s detainment by Canada Border Services in November, and we have not only been adding feature writers, columnists, bloggers, book reviewers, podcasters, and videographers to join the ranks of some of your existing favorites such as Murray Dobbin, Naomi Klein, Linda McQuaig, and Judy Rebick, but have also added new columns, most recently: “pro-bono” a column on legal issues for activists. And of course, some of the most robust debate (and banter) on the Left in Canada continues to take place on the rabble discussion boards, babble.

Modeling new forms of journalism and citizen interaction.

There is more to come in the new year: soon you’ll see “issue pages” on the site. These pages are a one-stop shop for all of our content and vital external content on specific themes and issues that matter to our visitors. We have pages on Canada’s role in Afghanistan, on Health Care, Canadian Politics, the Labour Movement, Indigenous News, and more. Pages that focus on local communities will also soon be added to roster.

These pages will not only provide up-to-the-minute news, but will also allow visitors to follow and participate in discussions, submit photos and videos on a theme, suggest important relevant links, and recommend new issue pages for rabble.ca.

From the beginning rabble.ca has been modeling new forms of journalism and we continue to promote interaction and dialogue among our visitors and contributors:

“Over the last two decades, at least, corporate speech and state speech, in tandem, have narrowed the public space pushing us into ever disappearing, ever meager definitions of the communal. Contesting that hegemony, over language and politics, rabble.ca reclaims and widens the space of citizenship.” Dionne Brand, author, and Toronto Poet Laureate.

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rabble.ca needs your support to do this work. Every bit you can donate counts, and anyone who donates at least $50 will be entered into a draw to win one of the following thank-you prizes that we hope encourages people to record, photograph, and film important events in their communities:

• One of 2 Flip cameras for shooting video on the fly
• One of 2 Nikon CoolPix digital cameras so you can take great shots of the news around you.

Everyone who donates, regardless of the amount, will be listed on a special thank you page as someone who supports independent media.

rabble needs your support to grow independent journalism in Canada.

At rabble we are committed to keeping our site 100% free to access, despite the trend in corporate media to charge for some online content. No media organization does a better job of making every dollar count, and we open the books for you to read about it in our annual report.

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