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The X-Press Pearl before the Sri Lanka disaster. Image credit: Isuruhetti/Wikimedia Commons
Joyce Nelson | In mid-May, the X-Press Pearl container ship started leaking acid and caught fire while anchored off the coast of Sri Lanka. The fire destroyed much cargo, but plastic debris started washing ashore.
Off the Hill graphic
rabble staff | The road to recovery will be a much smoother ride for some Canadians than others. Watch Chuka Ejeckam, MP Leah Gazan, and Karl Nerenberg discuss the necessary fixes, with host Robin Browne.
Keystone XL pipeline is no more. Image credit: Government of Alberta/Flickr.
David J. Climenhaga | Keystone XL is no more. This time, it seems like there's no coming back.
U.K. Chancellor Rishi Sunak holds a bilateral meeting with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland at the G7 finance ministers' meeting in London. Image credit: HM Treasury/Flickr.
Duncan Cameron | Last week's G7 finance ministers' meeting in London resulted in the recommendation of a global minimum tax on multinational corporations' profits across jurisdictions at 15 per cent.
A person in bed. Image credit: John Clarke/Pikrepo.
Rick Salutin | Our current economic system is as feudal as it gets, outdoing the landlordism of the Middle Ages.
Images: John Clarke and Paul Meinema. Used with Permission
Victoria Fenner, Resh Budhu | In episode two, anti-poverty activist John Clarke and union leader Paul Meinema talk about how capitalism has converged with COVID to make things worse for all except the wealthy.
Prime Minister Trudeau and U.S. President Biden deliver a joint statement. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Duncan Cameron | Will the U.S. movement to full employment provoke an adoption of full employment by the Canadian government? Past experience suggests it is not that simple.
Hand holding two Canadian twenty dollar bills. Image credit: Michelle Spollen/Unsplash
Penney Kome | Universal basic income needs safeguards or the result will be more gig work and much less security for workers.
Images: Ed Broadbent and Kofi Hope. Used with Permission
Victoria Fenner, Reshma Budhu | In the first of a six part series, a conversation with Ed Broadbent and Kofi Hope about what COVID is revealing about our world and country. A and Tommy Douglas Institute coproduction.
Socialists in Union Square, New York City, May 1, 1912. Image credit: Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons
Duncan Cameron | As the world faces growing inequalities and environmental destruction, members of the working class have been abandoned by their representatives and attacked by governments.
Microphone with "Courage My Friends" logo
Resh Budhu | The Tommy Douglas Institute and bring you the Courage My Friends podcast, May 26 to June 30.
Picture taken from a Sûreté du Québec helicopter of Lac-Mégantic, the day of the train derailment in 2013. Image credit: Sûreté du Québec/Wikimedia Commons
Bruce Campbell | Under the current corporate-government relationship, regulations and legislation are systematically tilted to benefit the private interest at the expense of the public interest.