Political Action

Jul 13, 2020
Image: KMR Photography/Flickr

We need a guaranteed livable income

Doreen Nicoll
Compared with the $71 billion that CERB will cost for just 24 weeks of payments, GLI could be a more fiscally responsible means of providing Canadians with financial security.
Jul 6, 2020

Not Rex: Regan Russell lives

On June 19, 2020, animal rights activist Regan Russell was run down and killed by a pig transport truck in front of the Fearman's slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario.
Jun 29, 2020
A teacher stands in front of a bulldozer at an encampment eviction under the Gardiner Expressway. Image: submitted by Cathy Crowe

Homeless encampments are here to stay

Cathy Crowe
Without a real national housing program, the economic fallout of COVID-19 will likely lead to growing homeless encampments.


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