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US Politics

U.S. soldier salutes American flag. Image credit: The U.S. Army/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | The pandemic has revealed what historians have long pointed to: right-wing authoritarian governments damage the social fabric, leaving citizens with a diminished sense of well-being.
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Linda McQuaig | To the surprise of many, U.S. President Joe Biden is making a daring bid to overturn much of the mean-spirited conservative economic agenda that's dominated America and the world since the 1980s.
Princeton University Campus. Image credit: davedgd/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Organizers learned of the bones, which have been described as an "open secret" in the anthropology community, when trying to facilitate the Penn Museum's repatriation of skulls of enslaved people.
U.S. soldiers in Sayed Abad District, Wardak province, Afghanistan, April 4, 2011. Image credit: The U.S. Army/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | Today the ecological threat and widespread citizen action to protect the environment make outrageous levels of American military spending more difficult to sustain.
George Floyd protesters in Minneapolis. Image credit: Dan Aasland/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The U.S. is seeing a frightening legislative trend: the criminalization of protest. There are close to 100 anti-protest bills proposed nationwide in state legislatures.
Minneapolis Police guard the third precinct during unrest surrounding the murder of George Floyd, May 2020. Image credit: Chad Davis/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Derek Chauvin is going to prison for George Floyd's murder largely due to the actions and testimony of bystanders. Let their courage inspire the national adoption of the duty of police to intervene.
U.S. soldiers in a firefight with Taliban forces in Kunar province, Afghanistan, March 31, 2011. Image credit: Cameron Boyd/ The U.S. Army/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Ending the war in Afghanistan should be a beginning, accompanied immediately by reparations to the Afghan people.
Vaccine vials. Image credit: torstensimon/Pixabay
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Instead of selling weapons of war, the United States should make global public health the number 1 priority. It is by far the most effective way to enhance the country's national security.
Book Review
Author image: Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society/Wikimedia Commons
Am Johal | "Remake the World" reads like a greatest hits package exposing the baked-in structural injustices that perpetuate political harm and give it its particularly hard-edged American form.
Mural honoring George Floyd in Minneapolis. Image credit: munshots/Unsplash
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Nine minutes and 29 seconds. That's how long Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer now on trial for killing George Floyd, pressed his knee into Floyd's neck last Memorial Day.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image credit: Chris Schwarz/Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Maybe it's time to bring back a line from those whispery-voiced Albertans for Change "attack ads" from 2008 that made premier Ed Stelmach so mad? Jason Kenney. No plan. No way!
High school students attend the March For Our Lives in Seattle, March 24, 2018 to protest gun violence following the shooting at following the Stoneman Douglas High School. Image credit: Ryan1783/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado and in metro Atlanta are just two more instances of senseless gun violence enabled by the NRA, gun manufacturers, and the corrupt politicians they control.