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  • Kim Elliott


  • Chelsea Nash

Outgoing Editor

  • Michelle Gregus


  • Judy Rebick

President Emeritus

  • Duncan Cameron


  • Mick Sweetman - Digital Engagement Specialist
  • Consensus Enterprises  - Tech Support
  • Frank Preyde - Moderator
  • Karl Nerenberg - Parliamentary Reporter
  • Maya Bhullar - Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit
  • Meg Borthwick- babble Moderator
  • Shirley Marquez - Administration and Membership Coordinator
  • Star Company - bookkeeping 
  • Victoria Fenner- Executive Producer of the rabble podcast network

Members' Council Executive Members

  • Matthew Adams (President)
  • Thomas Woodley (Treasurer)
  • Bob Gallagher, USW (Vice President)
  • Robert Lamoureux, CUPE 
  • Shannon Devine
  • Tania Ehret
  • Archana Rampure

Members'  Council

  • Barbara Byers
  • Domenic Bellissimo, OSSTF
  • Ravi Joshi, Council of Canadians
  • Federico Carvajal, ETFO
  • Jim Stanford
  • Kathleen Monk
  • Linda Silas, CFNU
  • Riccardo Fillippone, PSAC
  • Shannon Devine
  • Sylvain Beaudry, CUPW
  • Tania Ehret
  • Tria Donaldson
  • Trish Hennessy
  • Wayne MacPhail